My, oh my!  Where to start.  The feelgood gospel where nothing is really wrong?  Putting up with sinful activity because we don’t want to offend the sinner?  For example:  We are commanded to hate the sin and love the sinner, but today the word from many ‘pastors’ says that if you condemn the sin, you drive the sinner away from church where they can be healed.  Could this be true?  Perhaps, but not likely.  A child does not respect their parent if they are not given boundaries or the boundaries given are not enforced.  A loving parent tells their child what is right and what is wrong, and why.  If the church really loves sinners, should it not put in place and enforce boundaries on behavior of its members, with an explanation of what is and is not acceptable and why?  It is the duty of a pastor to tell people when they are wrong, and many today shirk that duty.  We should welcome sinners with the love of Yeshua, but remember that He did not condone continued sin.  After performing a healing miracle, did He not say “Go, and sin no more?”  Unrepentant sinners have no place in the body of Christ.  I am a sinner and the weight and knowledge of that sin crushes me and keeps me coming back to God for the assurance that “It is finished” and I don’t have to perform like a dancing bear for Him to love me.  I am a sinner, but I recognize that I have done wrong and confess my sin so that God can forgive me.  If I refuse to acknowledge my sin and refuse to accept the fact that I have done wrong, how can I be forgiven?

He demonstrated His love before I was born by taking on a body of flesh, living a perfect life, and dying on a cross to cover my sins, past, present, and future with His holy blood.  It is the adversary (Satan) that continually accuses me and weighs me down with guilt.  But conscience, which feels similar to guilt, continually turns me to God to confess my sins and receive new healing.  The word says Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  The devil’s weapons are fear, doubt, and lies.  The answer to his attacks is to remember that we have had our sins covered by the blood sacrifice of Yeshua and we can therefor approach God’s throne of grace with confidence.  Want to be amazed by what He has done for us?  Take some time to study what a blood covenant really is and what it means in our relationship with God.

So, our conscience (the prompting of the Holy Spirit) drives us toward God to receive His free gifts of love, grace, and healing.  But guilt drives us away from those blessings with fear, shame, and lies.  If your pastor is not preaching directly from the written Word, find another church.  Is the Word hard to receive sometimes?  It sure is.  But you should be challenged by the Word, because it demonstrates God’s perfection.  The truth is not there to make you feel good, it is there to make you desire to strive for the gold ring, to win the race, to be all you can be.  Should you feel that you are not good enough to go to heaven?  YES!  Because you aren’t!  And you CANNOT make yourself good enough!  But a loving God made a way for YOU and everyone else to spend eternity with Him, so the realization that you are not good enough should fill you with joy that the Creator of the Universe loves you so much He died a humiliating, excruciating death on a cross just for YOU.

OK, so I started with exposing a lie and ended up giving you the good news.  My bad.  There are many other lies being taught in churches today, usually having to do with excusing sin.  If God says it is a sin, it is a sin.  You don’t get to argue with Him, He’s the boss.  This is the truth.  Whether you know it, refuse or accept it, love it or hate it, it is the truth


Actually the corruption of evangelical churches has been happening for years. A great deal of it started when idiot congregations demanded seminary-taught pastors instead of pastors that taught the pure Word of God whether they had attended seminary or not. People will NOT put up with sound doctrine but would rather have their itching ears tickled with platitudes and lies from Satan. Feel Good Religion.

Also, as our society has become more ‘educated’ in the public school Marxist indoctrination gulags and the Marxist wastelands that used to be colleges and universities of higher learning, the idiots in the pews demanded to be fed poop from the pulpit. And now we have large congregations of so called ‘christians’ who have filled their brains and hearts with poop and not the Word. It’s easy to be a fool, and that’s what today’s society wants to be: Uninformed and too lazy to think, much less pursue information. When it is given to them, they WILL not hear. The Word told us all this will happen, but often we have had the attitude of “It can’t happen here.” But it has happened already.

For those who will listen to sound doctrine, snatch them from perishing in the fire as we are instructed in Jude. For those who refuse to listen, turn you back and shake the dust off your sandals. They have made their choice and if you try to give pearls of wisdom to such swine, they will turn and rend you: In the coming times many good-hearted believers will be turned in to the Satan-worshipping authorities of the Luciferian New World Order by folks they thought were their brothers and sisters. You can’t stop it, the Word says it WILL happen.
Start culling your list of ‘friends’ now so you can outlast and outwit the enemy. Make yourself a profitable servant for as long a time as you are allowed. If you leave this world too early, what rewards have you given up, and how many will perish that you could have reached? WORK NOW! The field is white and ready for harvest, but we must also watch for the wolves and raiders that wish to spoil that harvest by cutting it short. We still have a little light, thrust in your sickle, put your hand to the plow, and don’t look back. Never stop, never give up. Make the adversary take you the hard way. Stand up, warriors of all ages and join the fight. You are not given a choice to sit it out, you must fight for one side or the other. This IS a battlefield and there are no rusty swords.

4 comments on “LIES FROM THE PULPIT

  1. Talon says:

    Amen. Tweeted.

  2. Jack Curtis says:

    Christians, seems to me, have been letting it all hang out to the point of offending the powerful most impressively, going by what has been done to them over the centuries, usually by said powerful. So how self-appointed ‘heirs’ come by their current hyperinoffensiveness,isn’t easy to parse. Nor how they remain Christians after handing Ceasar his and the Lord’s due.. I guess we are an adaptable species…

  3. […] Source: LIES FROM THE PULPIT […]

  4. Lee Curt says:

    There’s a big difference between reproof, and correction, and the judging
    Of someone. This is were those who are reproved or corrected
    Get offended. They think there being judged, thus refuse to change
    Behavior, or Doctrinal errors.
    The hardest one to Reprove is the Pastor.

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