SWAT: Manufacturing The Justification To Kill?

The author hits it on the head. A lack of professionalism, ethics, and most of all common sense is creating a well-justified fear of our militarized police forces.

Stately McDaniel Manor

Yes, it's a backward mounted sight. Yes, it’s a backward mounted sight.

John Fund at National Review Online recently published an article titled “The United States of SWAT?”  While not an exhaustive missive on the topic, it raises a number of interesting issues.

Regular readers know I’ve often written on the topic of the misuse of SWAT teams, such as “The Case For SWAT Teams,” “Seventy-One Rounds In Tucson: The SWAT Shooting of Jose Guerena,”and “SWAT and the Second Amendment,” all published at Pajamas Media. More recently, I wrote on SWAT thinking and organization in “Connecticut, The Coming Storm, Part 4: A SWAt Primer” here at SMM.  That particular article has a link to an updated map of botched SWAT actions around the nation, as well as much information pertinent to the topic.

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