Because Some Folks Misunderstand about the End Times

Solid faith will be required to survive the upcoming hunger games.

Applied Faith

isis-caliph-releases-new-message-051415There is a tremendous amount of media and speculation about the end of the world. We’re in a climate where Christians are being mass-murdered and driven out of the Middle East. Russia is violently propping up the Shia regime in Syria, Iran may already have a nuclear weapon, and the United Nations routinely persecutes Israel. Many Christians believe that Islam is evil, and the followers of Muhammad may spawn The Anti-Christ. Speculation runs rampant in fundamentalist Christian circles, and the History Channel takes advantage of Christian interest by creating hokey “documentaries” of end-times drivel. It’s easy to see how Secular Humanist (SH) members of the media and academia gain traction when they talk about Evangelicals being crazy. It seems hard to determine which is crazier; the Evangelicals or situation.

Bible Prophecy has a 100% accuracy rate Bible Prophecy has a 100% accuracy rate

Regular readers of this blog know I am a pastoral counselor. The subject of…

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