And why we need them. And why we need them to be sealed. Don’t we have enough criminals in the Republic, or do we need more? Yes, it is a crime to enter a sovereign country illegally. Just like it is a crime to enter the property of another without their permission. Trespassing? Breaking and entering? Burglary? Do any of these terms sound familiar? If you are willing to let any stranger enter your house, eat your food, use your car or any other personal possession, then you do not think rationally. In fact, you just might be an idiot.

What about your sons and daughters? Do you wish to protect them from drug addiction? How about sex trafficking? Slavery? Assault? Murder? Think about it Mr. and Ms. Progressive. If you wish to live in a society that is ruled by anarchy, please leave the Republic: We are a nation of laws. Give up your citizenship and don’t vote to change our form of government. Just leave; we don’t want you here.

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