Here I Stand Alone if I Must

This was written by a friend on Telegram.

This is not a political, legal, constitutional or religious statement.  The only reason to mention or allude to anything any historical figure has said is to show that these things were/are supposed to be commonly held by most of the people of the world especially here in America.

My liberty is not granted by any government.  My liberty does not morally, ethically or reasonably need to be argued for at all, ever.  It needs merely to be claimed.  To violate it one must make a case against me, me personally, where I am shown to be deliberately or negligently harming others directly.  Further I do not have to show the source of my liberty or claim that source as my justification for that liberty.  We have long been told that all of liberty in its manifold expressions are self-evident and unalienable.  This means that no justification need be offered in order to claim it.  Therefore, I make the following specific claims and declarations.


  1.  My body is mine.  What goes into it, or not into it, is my business and mine alone.
  2. What I have or have not put in it is also no one’s business.
  3. What ever I claim for myself, I must rationally and morally accept when anyone makes the same claim.
  4. I should stand in solidarity with anyone in jeopardy for claiming these liberties in some way to the best of my abilities.

Therefore, Declarations Concerning Covid Related Policies

  1.  I will not tell any governing personnel or business what I have or have not put in my body.  Even if I’ve been ‘vaccinated’, I stand in solidarity with all those who have not, will not or cannot provide documentation or affirmation about that status for any reason.  That is a liberty I will not give away and I will stand beside all those who are victims of such coercive aggression.
  2. I will not submit to any testing until I believe it is medically prudent for myself.  I will not give the results to anyone that I don’t choose to based on my own ethics and choices while considering others I’ve been in contact with.
  3. I will not apply for any medical exemption for anything.  I don’t accept that I need to ask permission in these matters from anyone and I stand in solidarity with those who cannot get such an indulgence from those in power.  They shouldn’t need one either.
  4. I will not apply for or claim any religious exemption.  My status in that regard is my business alone.  Whether my claim for my liberty is religious to me or not is irrelevant.  I will not justify my liberty by my or anyone’s religion.  I just claim it.  It is self-evident and unalienable.
  5. I will not falsify documentation or affirmation of my medical status to evade mandates.  I stand with all those who cannot or would not comply whether any or all of us could evade such mandates. I will not leave behind those who cannot or would not evade them by evading them myself.

I claim no more in this regard than what is above.  I make no pledge or declaration to anything more but nothing less than what is above.

Now is the time for me to stand!  I believe we should all make such a stand and state it forthrightly to the world.  To comply is to jeopardize myself and others.  To evade is to leave those who cannot or will not comply standing in your stead for your liberty as well as their own.  Standing in solidarity in my case personally commits me to no more than what I declared above.  It is not a commitment to take any other actions.  I may, as I so choose as a free human according to my convictions and conscience, do more at my own discretion. But I will do no less.  I have felt this way for some time but it appears that soon I might have some skin in the game and want all to know my position.

To paraphrase the spirit of Martin Luther (who did not say ‘here I stand’ in that speech):  I do not accept the authority of the state and it’s councils in this matter, for they have contradicted each other – my conscience is captive to the rationale of what self-evident and unalienable mean, which everyone claims as so. I cannot and I will not recant anything for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. God help me.

And I further declare that here I will stand, like it is said of Athanasius, Contra Mundum (against the world) if it must be.  May I and all that join me be granted the courage of their convictions.  Amen!

The world will be a better place if you stake these claims and declarations for yourself and encourage others to do the same. You needn’t reproduce the commentary but please leave the claims and declarations pretty close to the way they are presented. This will show agreement and unity (solidarity) in this matter. If you would like to add claims and declarations to this minimum level, please do so in a separate document or in your comments for the sake of continuity and unity in these basic minimums. Feel free to link it or copy and paste it everywhere. Claim it as your own if you like. I don’t care. Just STAND!

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